Therapist healing why is my throat chakra blocked

Why is my Throat Chakra Blocked?

Are you feeling disconnected from your sense of purpose? Are you struggling to express yourself authentically and confidently? If so, there may be a blockage in your throat chakra.

You are probably now asking yourself, “Why is my throat chakra blocked?

This ethereal energy center helps us communicate with the world around us — both verbally and through energetic shifts — and when it’s blocked we can certainly feel its absence.

That is why understanding why this chakra is blocked in the first place can help create a pathway for healing these energetic imbalances; knowing precisely what is causing interference allows us to take actionable steps forward accordingly.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this, what signs tell us that something isn’t quite right within our energies, as well as how to unlock them.

Uncovering the Root Causes of Imbalance in Your Throat Chakra

Your throat chakra, known as Vishuddha in Sanskrit, is the fifth primary energy center located at the base of your neck and associated with your ability to express yourself.

When there is a blockage, this chakra can cause physical symptoms such as inflammation or pain in the neck and throat area, tightness in those areas, difficulty swallowing food or liquid and a feeling of being unable to speak up.

On an emotional level feelings of guilt and low self-worth may arise due to an inability to express yourself honestly.

There are many potential causes of why a throat chakra might obstructed. These include issues like dehydration or illness which can cause impaired functioning of the thyroid glands which allows for better communication between body systems

Mental stressors such as not feeling safe enough to share ideas;

  • emotional blockages caused by unexpressed emotions like anger or fear;
  • excess speech that keeps you from listening properly;
  • a posture that impedes breathing (slouching over computer screens);
  • spiritual imbalances stemming from incorrect beliefs about oneself or life itself;
  • unhealthy habits like smoking which constricts airways leading to strain on vocal cords

All of these factors could be preventing optimal functioning of this energy center.

Healing any blockages begins by recognizing them for what they are: obstacles along our journey towards truthfulness and balance within ourselves.

For example if we have something we need to say but feel scared then instead of avoiding it – facing our fears head-on will help us overcome them more quickly than stuffing them down inside us would do anyway!

Acknowledging how other people make us feel can also help unblock pent up emotions so we don’t get stuck carrying around heavy baggage waiting for release one day when there isn’t any pressure around doing so right away!

Additionally mindful practices such as yoga (which includes poses specifically targeting releasing built up tension within the body)

Meditation (allowing ourselves some time each day just “to be”) breathwork/pranayama techniques honed through practice will open access points throughout our whole system aiding in improving overall vitality with corresponding positive effects experienced internally too– allowing hassle-free expression both internally and externally!

Signs that your throat chakra is blocked

The throat chakra, or Vishuddha in Sanskrit, is the fifth primary chakra located in the throat area. The throat chakra governs our ability to communicate and express ourselves with clarity and honesty.

When it is impaired, you may experience physical and emotional issues ranging from lack of self-expression to soreness in your neck and shoulders. Here are a few common signs that indicate that your throat chakra may have a blockage.

1. Difficulty Communicating

Do you have trouble speaking up for yourself when something needs to be said? Are you constantly second-guessing what you say or worrying about how others will perceive it? Those are all classic signs of a blockage in the throat chakra. In its balanced state, the Vishuddha allows us to express ourselves with confidence—but if energy is stuck here, we can easily become stifled by feelings of uncertainty or shame.

2. Anxiety

A blocked Vishuddha can manifest as an overall sense of anxiety around communication—not just public speaking but also just everyday conversations! If constantly irked by social interactions because “it’s too much work” (or simply don’t enjoy them), this could point toward a blockage in the fifth chakra center.

3. Negative Self-Talk

Feeling like nothing ever comes out right whenever you open your mouth? Do self-criticisms like “I’m not good enough” or “Nobody wants to hear what I have to say” plague your thoughts?

Again, these could be indicative of an impaired flow through this important energy center. Think back on any experiences that might have caused a sense of betrayal or unworthiness which resulted in negative thought patterns blocking up the Throat Chakra!

4 Physical Discomfort

symptoms associated with Vishuddha blocks include tension within the neck/shoulder area as well as tightness in the jawline (think TMJ syndrome!). Hoarseness/difficulty swallowing during moments when stress arises could also potentially be connected due this energetic imbalance!.

If any combination of these signs sounds familiar then chances are good that there’s some sort of healing needed for your Throat Charka! Consider trying meditative practices such as focusing on blue light visualization during meditation sessions while reciting mantras addressing truth & integrity–this should help bring things back into balance over time!

How do I unblock my throat chakra?

Unblocking your throat chakra is a powerful process that can help you release old feelings of shame or repression and give you the confidence to communicate more freely.

The first step to unblocking your throat chakra is becoming aware of any negative dialogue swirling in your head around speaking up and expressing yourself — anything from “I’m not important enough to have an opinion” to “No one will care about what I have to say.”

Once identified, write down all these thoughts on paper and then intentionally release them from your possession (e.g., burn them) as part of the healing process.

Next comes nurturing new beliefs about communication by creating positive affirmations for yourself such as:

“I love myself unconditionally; I am worthy; My voice matters; etc.”

Finally take intentional action each day towards overcoming blocks – whether that be standing at the front of a meeting room presenting ideas or having conversations with strangers over dinner – honing in on how empowered you feel every time you complete something challenging and working through any resistance along the way (e.g., fear).

You may also find additional healing methods helpful – meditation techniques like yoga or sound bath helps bring vibrations into alignment within our bodies while mantras are great tools for bringing mental clarity into focus when we feel overwhelmed by our own thoughts.

Additionally certain crystals like blue lace agate support us in verbalizing what we desire without feeling inhibited because it dispels any underlying tension which hinder us from expressing ourselves openly & freely!

What happens when throat chakra opens?

So what actually happens when the throat chakra opens? You may notice physical sensations such as a tingling at the base of your neck or vibrations that travel up and down your spine as energy flows through this area in new ways.

Your ability to think clearly will also improve which will help you become open to new ideas and insights that can transform how we live our lives for the better. Additionally, greater creativity often arises since there are no blocks inhibiting expression of ideas anymore so everything comes out easily now!

On an emotional level, you’ll likely experience improved confidence throughout all areas of life – especially when speaking up for yourself or sharing thoughts with others on any topic imaginable! By freeing yourself from low self esteem beliefs about not being worthy enough for success opportunities will arise where before they were nonexistent before!

An open throat chakra also encourages compassion towards both ourselves & others by amplifying mental clarity & allowing us space to understand why things are happening & how we should react accordingly without reacting out of fear instead which could lead down a dangerous path otherwise.

Overall though these benefits fostered by opening one’s Vishuddha Chakra prove essential if we want true prosperity and joy within our lives rather than living with unnecessary stress/anxiety over seemingly unconquerable obstacles blocking progress beyond today’s current predicament.

What foods are good for throat chakra?

Eating certain foods can help to balance this energy center and promote healthy communication —a balanced throat chakra can lead to increased creativity, self-expression, and even better physical health.

Some of the best foods for balancing your throat chakra include:

1. Blueberries – These delicious little fruits are naturally blue in color, a color associated with your throat chakra’s energy field. They contain powerful antioxidants that support cell growth and protect against free radical damage.

2. Seeds & Nuts – A variety of seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and flaxseed are great sources of zinc which can assist with boosting your immune system while promoting healthy communication skills due to their anti-inflammatory properties. As for nuts such as almonds and walnuts they contain omega 3 fatty acids which help nourish brain cells increasing mental clarity while facilitating clear thinking when it comes to speaking our truth!

3. Leafy Greens – Veggies such as kale & spinach contain loads of vitamin C which aid in improving vocal quality but also provide essential minerals that strengthen muscles in your neck region which support proper posture so that you may project yourself confidently without strain or tension on your vocal cords when expressing yourself audibly!

4 .Herbal Teas – Specifically mint tea has been used historically around the world for its ability to relax tense muscles including those surrounding our throat area enabling clearer speech patterns along with eliminating feelings of hoarseness or tightness within the chest walls when talking or singing!

5 .Honey– The sticky sweetness found within honey not only gives us a natural source of sugar but it contains small amounts of enzymes & antibacterial agents making it suitable for relieving sore throats caused by infection (such as laryngitis) alongside other minor respiratory ailments too!

Besides these mentioned dietary choices remember that what we eat is closely related to how well-balanced our emotions will be so if feeling especially anxious before having important conversations reach out for some grounding snacks like apples (rich in Vitamin E) banana chips/nuts (a huge source of potassium), dark chocolate(loaded with magnesium/antioxidants).

All these goodies offer temporary respite from stress allowing you more headspace towards cultivating meaningful speech instead.


If you’re feeling like your throat chakra has a blockage, don’t fret. You’re certainly not alone in this experience and there are a number of reasons why this may be happening for you. Luckily, once you understand what those reasons are, it becomes easier to take action towards unblocking them.

As always, if you need additional support on your journey towards wellness, consider talking to a professional who can help guide you along the way. In the meantime, explore some of the tips we provided above and see what works best for you in terms of unblocking your throat chakra.